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Table tennis, sometimes known as “ping pong,” is a popular sport in many nations. because there is a scarcity of equipment It also offers numerous health advantages. Both aid in muscle development, focus training, and brain development. Table tennis is also a pleasant activity to play.

Newcomers, especially those who are just learning to play ping pong, should learn how to properly grip the table tennis racket. and become acquainted with the art of bouncing ping-pong balls This is a fundamental table tennis skill that can help you improve your eye-hand coordination. The Street Ratchada will help newcomers who can assist you in improving your table tennis game.

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Playing table tennis equipment for beginners.

There is table tennis equipment available. Table tennis tables, nets, rackets, and balls are all available for purchase. However, if you’re new to table tennis, you don’t need everything; simply a racquet and a ball would suffice.

Both sides of the racquet’s front must be level, smooth, and firm. The racquet is at least 85 percent thick. It has to be made of real wood. A rubber sheet must be placed over the crossbow that hits the ball. One of the sides must be a vivid red colour. The opposite side is dark and non-reflective. A spherical table tennis ball is required. 40 mm in diameter and 2.7 g in weight, manufactured of celluloid or other comparable plastic materials The key must be either white or orange in colour. This hue has the attribute of being matt.


Table Tennis Instructions

Table Tennis Instructions There is a straightforward way to play. Starting with the order of play, which team will be the first to deliver the ball? If the ball fails to serve or the committee determines that resubmitting is necessary, a fresh one will be sent on a case-by-case basis. There are a few easy rules to follow when learning how to play table tennis.


Before you start playing table tennis, make sure you have a table tennis ball. The ball must be allowed to move around on the palm of your hand. The ball must be launched into the air at least 16 cm from the palm of the sender’s hand, and the sender must hit the ball in his or her own court first. After that, the net is crossed and the recipient’s territory is reached.

for the purpose of sending children Each player is responsible for delivering the ball twice in a row. After two times or when any player scores two points or both sides score two points, the sender must change, and the ball will be sent in this manner until a winner is determined.


When the table ball is sent to the opposing side accurately The defensive team must hit the ball over the net that is blocking the rear of the boundary. so that the ball hits the table in the other side’s boundary or touches any part of the net and falls into the opposite side’s border

the sequence of events

for the game’s sequence Before the game begins, both teams must agree on who would send the ball into play first. which will be determined by a guess The gambler who chooses will be the winner, as long as the sending side delivers the ball appropriately. The youngster is correctly received by the receiving party. and alternate back-and-forth counterattacks


Resending can happen in a variety of situations, including when the ball is served in the net but crosses over the opposing border. The referee notices that the defensive team isn’t ready to receive the ball yet. Alternatively, the director notices an unmanageable disruption. The referee will offer a new service till the sending – receiving of the ball is affected.

ping pong results

Table Tennis Instructions Furthermore, the counterattack will be ordered as late as possible. or if you’ve already won Players can also score points in a variety of other situations, such as when the other player makes a bad pass. For ping-pong points in a game, failure to receive the ball correctly, block the ball, or hit the ball twice in a row, among other things. The format of the match is also different:

game of match

In ping-pong games, it’s used to keep track of points. The team that scores 11 points first is declared the winner. However, if both teams have 10 points, the game must continue until one team scores two points more than the other, at which point the game is declared a tie.


A match is made up of games with odd numbers, such as 3, 5, or 7. You must win 2 out of 3 games, 3 out of 5 games, or 4 out of 5 games to win a match. Seven games in which play must continue uninterrupted unless a participant requests a break. which will only be rested for 5 minutes after the third game and before the fourth game.